Another Christmas Post: Reasons Why I Love Towns

My dear Christmas cookies,


Today is the second of two study days for finals here on campus. It’s a very quiet and chill day. I love it. I’ve gotten a ton of work done and am enjoying life immensely. Last night I had a chance to relax with a few friends and watch my favorite Christmas movie, the modern classic Elf. I adore that film to no end. As you can tell, I have a little bit more Christmas spirit than Buddy the Elf.


Yesterday, after Drastics rehearsal, I took a trip downtown to do some work at Uncommon Grounds and drink delicious coffee. When the bus (free to Skidmore students, btw!) pulled onto Broadway I noticed the holiday lights lining many of the buildings, window, trees, and street lamps. I was immediately reminded of my hometown on Long Island , and how all out it goes for Christmas and Hanukkah and Festivus and Solstice and such.


I was also reminded of Rockefeller Center, and the enormous tree they mount there every December.   I’ll obvs post a picture below.  And 2 pictures of Victorian Streetwalk. I’d post some of Rockville Centre, but I can’t find any.


Reasons Why I Love Towns at Christmas

1. Well, for one, most towns decorate for the holidays, with lights, wreathes, and other items.

2. Everyone is so happy. I mean, there’s a percentage of the population that gets seasonal depression, but I think that’s just an exaggeration because everyone else is so happy. Like me. I’m the happiest. Just smiling 24/7.

3. Sales. All the local businesses are offering fun sales like 5 pashminas for the price of 2 or Buy One, Get One. Who can forget Restaurant Week last week? I didn’t take advantage because I’m dumb as a brick, but it was something like 20 dollars for a full 3-course meal at participating restaurants. Wowzers! At one of my favorite restaurants in Rockville Centre, on Black Friday, they sell half-priced gift cards, so people go in and buy 500 dollar worth of gift cards so they have 1000 dollars to spend there at the end of the year. #whatadeal

4. Santa is bound to appear. Nothing more is needed there.

5. Everyone bakes cookies. I love cookies.


Okay, I have some work for my theatre final to do.


But I’ll post soon.


Measure in Love,




Pictures of Holiday Spirit! (All Photos Compliments of The Internet)







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