I’m Pregnant. With Waffles.

I don’t even have the energy to greet you,


I’ve just gotten back from Wafflefest. And my self-esteem has gone down by thousands of levels. I feel so so so fat. Food babies galore growing inside me.


For all of you prospectives who have no idea what Wafflefest is…You have no idea. Words can’t even…


Wafflefest is the second night of pre-final study days. Dining hall is open and free to all students at Skidmore. And it is glorious. The line was out the door, luckily I was there early enough to actually get a seat and get on line early.


Anyway, it’s free waffles, sausages, bacon, whipped cream, apple crisp, breakfast sandwiches, dessert pizzas, et cetera. It was incredibly…high in calories. But so worth it…with all of my stress. I’m drinking hot chocolate in my room right now. I love hot chocolate. Like a lot. Did you know that?


I bet you did.


So much food. So much laughter. It was a great way to let out stress and take a break from all of my work and such. I really appreciated it LOL.


I’m doing work for my theatre final now, so lemme go.


Measure in Reindeer,



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