Why Am I Up In The Middle of the Night

Hi all,


It’s 3am. I can not fall asleep. So I decided to write an in-depth blog post about finals week and the work ethics associated with it.


It’s finals week here on campus, which, as you know, means that we had the past two days of classes off and depending on your schedule, may have even more off. One of my girls down the hall has off until Monday! More than a week for one final! Imagine that! I have one final, on Friday, so I’ll have had a full week off from classes to get ready for the test!


Finals week seems to be really what you make of it. The week off feels like summer camp (just really cold) at times and like prison (one that you can leave) at other times. It’s just a hot mess, and depending on how you procrastinate your time or budget your time, you will have a cray-cray experience this week. CRAY.


On one end of the spectrum, we have the hard workers, who don’t have a final until Monday and it’s in their English 105 class and they’ve been in the library preparing since classes let out last Friday. These are the worker bees. They will do anything to get the A+, even if it means literally running on coffee in place of food. The worker bees are not usually like this. They are usually normal people who don’t do well under stress. So don’t annoy them, let them be, we all have our own work ethics, and this is theirs.


On the other end of the spectrum, we have the lazy bums. What’s that? you say to them. You have a final in chemistry tomorrow morning and you’re still on 9gag? You don’t care? Oh, wow. You should just…keep 9gagging. These are the procrastinators. The people who put everything off. Like that creepy ride at Disney World says … “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow for me to cram all of my work into” or something like that…right? Anyway, these people are the people who you see everywhere and wonder “Don’t they have work to do or something? I literally see them everywhere every minute.” They put it all off and then suddenly swoosh to the other end of the spectrum, where they become worker bees, when they realize they have a 10 pager due a half hour before their final in 3 hours.


In the middle of the rainbow of study skills are the people who have found a lovely balance between the fun and the work. ¬†They have time to 9gag because they have balanced their work out over the course of this week. They have time to write blog posts in the middle of the night because they budgeted their time well. However, there is a dark side to the middle of the roaders. Laying in bed before sleeping, it comes creeping up on y’all. The sourceless anxiety. “Shud i b mor nervus??? am i doin this rite? btw its cold in here. hav i studied enuf?” The internet speaking sourceless anxiety comes creeping into the news ticker of the mind and attacks. You know you’re on top of your game, everyone does. But what if you’re missing something? What if it turns out you have a final you didn’t think you had? Whatever you’re thinking isn’t true. Your anxiety is sourceless. That’s what made me get out of bed and write this post. I was nervous I was missing something because I’m on top of my game and I let it get to me.


Okay. It’s 3:17am…I think I’ll be able to sleep now.


Measure in Love,



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