Baby’s First Semester at College

Hi elven folk!


I’m writing this from the dark cave known as my dorm room. I’v just finished watching Atonement and am emotionally drained and feel like going right to sleep because of the movie. I still have packing to do, however, so I will carry on. Tonight is my last night on campus for five weeks. I don’t like the feeling. It’s weird. It’s a lot less glamorous than I expected, too. I thought  this would be a big celebration weekend for the end of the semester. Instead, people have been slowly leaving campus and very few people are left. It’s really quiet. It’s odd. Saying goodbye to all of my friends, you’d think we’re never going to see each other again. But I’m going to. In five weeks. And when we come back, things will be different, but that’s what college is all about.  Change. Some change for the better, some change for the worse. I certainly have changed over the past 14 weeks. When I said goodbye to my parents and sister on September 1, I was terrified. Could I do this? Was I ready for just about total independence? I didn’t think I could or that I was. And yet, here I am. I’ve grown up a bit, and have started to learn to think before I speak/type/text. I’ve gained a few pounds, but I plan on knocking them off next semester. I’ve broadened my horizons in music a bit. I can do things myself. I handle my own issues myself, and don’t call Mom and Dad for every little thing. In high school, I used to do that. But now, I’m running this. I’m happy to have matured, and am excited to keep doing so over the next seven semesters. It’s quite late now, and I’ve packed my bags. Next time I post, I’ll probably be back on Long Island, which when translated from the original Native American Language means Land of the Good Shower Water Pressure. I’m really really sad to be leaving here for so long, but I know that when I come back in January, I have an absolutely amazing spring semester ahead of me.


Measure in Love,


Kevin Berry


PS This isn’t the last time I’m posting for a month. I’ll be posting plenty of reflective items and items about anything even vaguely exciting over break. This isn’t that sort of vacation.

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