The Classiest North Pole. Ever.

Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen!


I know you all know by now that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. SO before all of my retrospective posts about first semester begin, I thought I’d show you how much my family loves Christmas too. I don’t have any candids of them decorating the house for the holiday (I came home to find it decorated already, lovely), but I do have pictures of the outcome, and of some of my own decorating work in the Berry Family household.


Tonight for a period of about twenty minutes, I walked around the Berry Estate looking like a hot mess on the outside (high socks with my Uggs and a blanket around my shoulders, I looked like this homeless woman in Honolulu who approached me while my family was on vacation there and asked me if I had seen Jack. I should have responded he’s on that island show on ABC – #LOSTreference –  but instead I just screamed. Anyway, back to the story) but feeling like Annie Leibovitz on the inside. And so, I present Annie’s latest photo shoot, taken on location in Rockville Centre, New York. Below are pictures from my house, which I think presents a really elegant version of the house Santa would live in if he lived in on Long Island.


The Classiest North Pole. Ever.

Just a test shot of my dog Rosie in my room. She's such a model. The Kate Moss of canines.

My second floor landing. Even the stairs get in the spirit.

Just more proof of how much the stairs love the holidays.

Whoa, misteltoe at the foot of the stairs. Who's kissing who? #drama #fuzzyshot #artsy

This shot says to me "Santa is having guests over for dinner and he knows it." Notice the festive Christmas tree shaped candles on the table! What fun!

Even our library gets in that holiday mood with traditional Mexican poinsettias. I know they're traditionally from Mexico because of some Tommy DePaolo book they read us in grade school. Remember Tommy DePaolo? He wrote or illustrated Strega Nonna or whatever that book was.

The mantel says to me "Christmas is coming, we have to get ready for a fat man to slide down the chimney behind us. Get ready foundation of the house, Fatty's coming."

It's not two trees. One tree is a reflection of another. It's a mirror. #metaphor

He's climbin in your window, he's snatchin your cookies up. #whatacreeper

The Christmas Village. The product of three hours of my hard work this afternoon. #mytradition

We have a lot of Christmas teddy bears around the house. I think Theodore Roosevelt would like it that we invested in so many different variations of the stuffed bear that he made famous.

Oh, wow! The Christmas Village at night! Complete with a lit-up Christmas tree!

Detail of the Village. They don't need to dream of a White Christmas. They just need the snow plows to come through.

I tried to tell a story through this picture. Can anyone tell me the story I was trying to tell? I sure can't.

The Nutcracker keeps me in check as to when the obese man in a red track suit will be arriving. He's been surround with nostalgic pictures of Christmas Past. If I ever become Ebenezer Scrooge, I can just say to the first ghost, "Nope, I don't need you. I have the pictures from my childhood on my desk in my kitchen. Go away ghost."

My car, Peggy, lurking in the shadows outside my garage. The wreath doesn't blow away when I drive, don't fret, dear readers.

Casa Berry. According to one of the brick pillars at the end of our front walk, the property is called Bent Lane. Some may call it a nickname, I just call it stupid.

Art. Ornaments in the bushes. #nice

Another creepy Santa figurine. We have so many. Go figure. #pun

Front window, second floor. Thank God that wreath didn't fall on me. It would crush me!

Oh my gosh! It's my sister, Bridget! I have so many nicknames for her! Look how in the Christmas spirit she is! Whatever, it's not Christmas without a #Grinch. #justkidding!

Alright, friends. That’s that for this post, methinks. I’ll post a little later in the week, possibly on Saturday, Christmas Eve? I don’t know. Alright, lemme run. It’s A Wonderful Life is on!

Measure in Love,





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