Why I Feel Better About Myself



It’s Thursday afternoon here at Skidmore, and you know what that means! It means tomorrow is Chicken Finger Friday, and also Friday! I’m so happy.


So, I’m snuggling with myself in bed right now, being super comfortable, and I looked around and thought about my life so far this semester and I was overcome with this overwhelming sense of happiness.


I’m smiling a lot here. My face muscles are getting a workout, yo.


Okay, why I feel better about myself:


1. I’m working out regularly! I may be making baby steps, but at least I’m running at least a mile every day! And I did some push-ups the other day. Ouch.

2. I’m eating healthier and not drinking soda. And the caffeine withdrawal effects have finally worn off. Seriously, I felt like my body was going to shut down while I got used to not having 4 bottles of soda a day and at least 2 cups of coffee. Now I just get my #caffeinefix with one cup of coffee per day, which I make in my room. So that’s lovely. I feel healthier.

3. I’ve defs lost weight, the mirror says so.

4. I just ran a mile, took a break from this post to run a mile. 7:54, betches. Getting closer. I’m rull sweaty. #ugh.

5. I’m learning a new language, Italian, totally from scratch. It feels good to be enhancing my foreign culture skills so much. #junioryearabroad #whatupitalia

6. I’m actually doing work this semester and it’s enormously fulfilling. Last semester, I was sort of on this high of being at college and independent for the first time, so I think I didn’t take it as seriously as I could have (I still ended up with a 3.4 GPA, but.). And I wasn’t taking too many courses that interested me in a way my current ones do. One of my New Years’ resolutions (I had many) was to be more involved in my own academic life instead of sort of standing back and watching it float by like some float in a parade in some midwestern town. So I’m sitting down and making time for work no matter what else I have going on. My gender studies readings take hours a week, but they go by in what feels like minutes since the material is so fascinating. My play-writing assignments are long and tedious, but I can already feel my writing improving, one class in. My Italian requires a lot of time outside of class, but today I had one of those revelations where I understood everything Professoressa Smith said. It was that click I’ve heard about, when your fully-immersed in a ¬†language and suddenly you understand it all. I don’t know how long I’ll stay clicked, but still. It’s all about being committed to your academic success. In high school, I was in the toilet for a few subjects, but it’s because I had to take courses I wasn’t interested in. But here, I’m taking courses in subjects I’m in love with: Theater, Gender, Italian. Take what you love, prospies. Do what you love.

7. I’m having an amazing time in Drastics. We’re breaking the bubble in a huge way this weekend and going to compete in Boston! BU here we come!


Okay, I have a Drastics gig now, A Cappella Night at the Tang!


How I Felt Last Semester, Not Committed to Academic LifeHow I feel this semester: fulfilled










Fulfilled this semester









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