Things I Don’t Like: Being Exhausted. Things I Love: Being Exhausted.

Hello Goonies,


I’m sitting here in my dorm, the hottest spot on campus, weeping a little bit. I’m not really weeping, I’m just eating Skippy with a spoon and the only activity I connect with eating Skippy with a spoon beside a love for Skippy or hunger is weeping. Or watching Baby Not Drunk Lindsay Lohan (or LiLo, if you wanna be culturally smart) in The Parent Trap. My have line from that movie is “Hello pet. You may call me Aunt Vicki!”


So I’m eating Skippy with a spoon.


There are few items in my life that I vehemently love and vehemently hate at once. One of them is being tired naturally. Not tired like you took a Nyquil and are staying awake for the sense of adventure such a drowsiness fight would entail, but tired as in you went to Boston and back in one weekend and you’re jet lagged from being awake for so many consecutive hours. The Boston thing was this weekend. We went to compete (and not do so well…) at BU in the ICCA Quarterfinal. And we came back in one night, it was a true adventure. Anyway, so now I’m exhausted and wide awake all at once and it’s AMAZING.


I woke up this morning feeling lovely from the nine-plus of sleep I got last night, but then the weekend began to catch up with me. Very very quickly.


BRB going to dinner.


Back, that dinner break was way longer than I wanted it to be. Pork and applesauce and orzo and way more food than I had wanted.


So being tired is kind of irrelevant now because I’ve gotten my second wave of energy for the day. But I LOVE feeling tired because if I get work done and get it done well while I’m tired I feel real accomplished when I nap or go to bed that night. Now that that point is moot and non applicable to my current state of living, on to other things.


Tonight is my first rehearsal for my AIDS Benefit show this semester! Yay! I’m directing a play by my favorite writer, Neil LaBute. In a Dark Dark House is about sexual abuse, a totally uncool topic but presented in a totes mcgotes awesome way. I don’t know. It’s an enormously well written piece.


I like this semester.


I need to do a rant on some topic soon. I don’t know what. I just tried to do a video rant but I decided I hated it and I will not post it.



rock on, #rockstars









Measure in Love,




PS Make sure you’re on Twitter tomorrow for the live Twitter chat session between Skiddie and a bunch of other schools in the area for a lovely discussion about the college admissions and acceptance and enrollment process! It’s going to be a wonderful extravaganza!

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