Thirsty Thursday Post, Yo

Holler Earthlings,


It’s Thursday! I’ve just rocked my weekly Italian test, I think. I love Italian. Like, a lot.


Tonight is a relatively good light work night, which is good, because there’s SO MUCH going on on campus tonight! My friend Jon’s band, Yo Soy Milk is playing at Falstaff’s. So that will be fun. I hope. Another offbeat event going on tonight is Sex Toy Bingo, what what! Since the play The Vagina Monologues goes up next week (right after Valentine’s Day), Feminist Action Network, who produces the play each year here at Skiddie, has a series of events leading up to opening night of this exciting production, directed and acted in by some of my best friends. One of these events is Sex Toy Bingo, so that should be interesting! Yay!


Also, fun things regarding my taste in music. Most people who know me will say that my taste in music revolves around female pop singers and show tunes. However, this is on its way to not being the case anymore! I mean, the majority of my iTunes library is still show tunes, but what can you do. I love musical theatre, I’m here, I’m queer and I talk to hydrangeas. I acquired a lot of music by Joanna Newsome, who is INCREDIBLE. And so are Florence + the Machine (where has Flo been all my life), Fleet Foxes (I have in to Skidmore’s stereotype, turns out they’re actually really great), Mumford and Sons (the ones who started this fun music discovery), and The Head and The Heart, who are pretty cool. I’m finding more music that I like, to add another dimension to my character. Which is nice. It’s nice to be multi-dimensional.


In other news, March 23 and 24 are my AIDS Benefit show performances, so come see that if you’re here, LOL!


Anyways, I’m sitting here in my office dorm room. It’s gorgeous out, like too gorgeous. I think flowers are in bloom. I’d like some actual cold weather, please. Amanda please. Ugh, Nickelodeon reference. Good times. I’m reading a great book, called A Visit from the Goon Squad. The first page made me tear up because the language is so gosh darn beautiful. It’s nice to read a great piece of literature.

this is kind of a legitimately terrifying picture, but friends, i swear a kid in my high school homeroom always uploads pics of him with this face and this camera filter on to Facebook, and they're so awkward and funny that i keep him as a friend on fb just so i can see them.

Measure in Love,



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