A Late Night Comfest Post

Shalom Earthlings,


Quickie bit about my life: Due to a series of situations, we had to change my AIDS Benefit show to an evening of one act plays by a playwright named Christopher Durang. Drastics is good. Academics are going well. Got an 87% on Italian. Ugh, hate pluralizing verbs. Anyway.


Comfest was this weekend. It was very tiring. But amazing, and my diaphragm still hurts.


Some highlights (sorry I’m moving quickly, I need sleep):

1. Skidomedy stole the college show on Friday night. Hilarious. Amazing. Their finale was absolutely brilliant.

2. The NYU Hammerkatz were absolutely hilarious.

3. The professional duo TJ and Dave improv’d an entire hour long play. Perfectly. I learned so much about theater from them.

4. Bleak! Comedy was hilarious, I don’t care what the other bloggers say. Their Cirque Du Soleil theme was zany and brilliant and I was crying I was laughing so hard.

5. The NYU improv group, I don’t remember their names, were very funny.

6. This Is Pathetic, the Emerson improv group, was very very very very funny.


I don’t know how to critique the groups, other than some were amazing, like the ones I’ve mentioned, and the rest who I can’t remember didn’t stand out or were just plain bad. There were a few awful ones, but whatever. It was a funny weekend.



I look like Lady Gaga. Weekend pass, what what.


Measure in Love,



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