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So last night (Friday night) was the first of my crazy theatrical weekend here at good ol’ Skidmore. Ellen McLaughlin, the original Angel from Angels in America has been on campus all week and had been in a bunch of classes, including my playwriting class. She was amazing to have as a resource. She, as a way of thanking the school for hosting her all week, performed her one-woman show, Penelope, based on The Odyssey. It was a very cool show, very unique, the way she used sound and light was awesome. After the show, I had some fun (vague, huh?) and went to bed.


This afternoon, I woke up late, decided to take a day my once-a-week day off from working out, and went to d-hall for a very (way too) late breakfast. After that, I headed to the Northwoods apartments, where my playwriting class was meeting to read a play we had been assigned. It was a romp by all definitions of the word. So much fun. After the formal assignment was done,we hung out and chatted until I had to eat dinner. After dinner with my friend and fellow Drastic Johnny, I headed over to Filene Auditorium for The Vagina Monologues.I had never seen The Vagina Monologues before tonight and was more than pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed myself. The show is extremely feminist, and as a current gender studies student, I found myself verbally grunting in agreement and reaction to the show. A few monologues were graphic and such, but it was all to make a point. After the show, I said Hi to a few of my friends, and on a whim, decided to go (a half hour late) to the other show on campus this evening. It was another one woman show called Running Into Me, performed by Vicki Tanner. Despite arriving very late, I was immediately hooked. The show was incredible, absolutely unforgettable. I learned SO MUCH about acting and writing. After the show, I had the opportunity to briefly speak to Vicki, who was very sweet and intense. We spoke about a piece I’m trying to write about my own life, also a one person show like hers. That’s what’s great about Skidmore, we bring in so many guest artists who usually perform too, and you learn a LOT. That wasn’t much of a sentence, but I think it got the point across. Then after that, I had some fun (vague, huh?) and now here I am at nearly 4am, writing this bloggy blog post.


Tomorrow brings Drastics rehearsal and another theatre piece, The Aliens, a comedy by Annie Baker. I’m exhausted now. I’m going to sleep.


Also, it finally snowed a little bit today. Finally. I love snow a LOT. We probably got an inch in a few hours. It’s great, I hope it snows more.




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