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Hi everyone,


I didn’t have a clever title for that blog post, sorry.


Anyway, it’s Monday night, I’m getting ready for my AIDS Benefit rehearsal, but I thought I’d drop a quickie post for y’all’s reading pleasure.


Something I like doing to keep myself destressed is making a daily to-do list. I put “work out” and “make bed” down automatically, followed by any rehearsals or practices I have to attend. Then other things I have to do for either my classes or for myself. I cross them out as I start them, and crossing out the job means I’ll finish it when I start it. It also means if I don’t finish that day’s items, the unfinished pieces get pushed onto the next day’s list. so I have to finish each day because I don’t want to let the list grow. The point is to not be stressed out 24/7. LOL. And, it gives me time to do my other item that keeps me destressed:


Watching a movie.


Seriously, it’s the most calming thing to forget all of your problems and focus on a movie you love. This week, the choice is the mini-series Angels In America. I love it so much. Justin Kirk, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Emma Thompson, someone who looks like Edie Falco but isn’t, and Mary-Louise Parker. It’s an absolutely incredible and uplifting series, so if you all want something fantastic to watch, watch Angels In America.


Also, there are a lot of prospies on campus this week, so welcome! I had one in each of my classes today. Samantha, who was in my Italian class, was so confused when Professoressa Smith started talking to her in Italian. Welcome to Skidmore, Samantha.




I’ve got rehearsal now.


Measure in Love,



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