What Wednesdays Do To Me



I’m writing this in the very wee hours of the morning on Thursday, and I’m going to write about Wednesday, which ended thirteen minutes ago.


I was going to make this an angry, cuss-filled rant post in which I hated on Wednesdays, but then I realized that this is a family program and that Wednesdays are actually pretty neat in my book of the week.


Things Wednesdays Remind Me, Both Good and Bad

1. That the weekend is almost here.

2. How much playwriting work I have to do before Friday morning.

3. How tired I am.

4. That I’ve exhausted myself from working out and need a day off.

5. That I must forge through and not take a day off from working out.

6. That I need to get milk for the coffee in the morning.

7. That I need to sleep because I have acting in the morning.


On that note, it was also 51 degrees today…Ugh. I wish it were actually winter and not spring. #skidmorestruggz




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