Can I Just Say I.

Friends, family, distinguished guests and the prospective students of the classes of 2016 and 2017,


Can I just say Skidmore is amazing?


On Friday night, I was sitting lonely in my room, when on a whim I decided to go to see a band called Rubblebucket play at Falstaff’s. Everyone was going, and I had no idea what the band was or what type of music they were going to play was, but I ended up absolutely loving them, like to the point of it being way too much. I feel like a zombie, I’m tired. I made a Pandora station for Rubblebucket and am discovering a whole new genre of music outside of any music I would ever normally listen to had I not seen them play on Friday: retro-soul-funk. It’s so neat. Ugh.


I’m exhausted after 2 rehearsals today, theatre and a cappella. Now I’ve AIDS Benefit rehearsal. So excited for this show.


Measure in Love and the number of Oscars your fave nominee wins (mine’s The Help!),



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