But no snow day. Ugh, first world problems. Also, contemporary issues. When my parents were kids, they had to walk to school in six feet of snow for nine miles every morning, uphill both ways fighting off bears and prostitutes armed only with a Nalgene bottle of water (which froze in the snow) and that leather strap that held their books together back in the day. Also everything was in black and white in those days. We’re so lucky to have lives in Technicolor and to have Under Armour bags to hold our books and to live in a world where the size of the hole in the ozone layer is finally shrinking (I think?). And lucky to have a smallish campus.


But there was the most snow since October, which is lovely. I frakkin love snow. It finally feels like winter even though spring starts in 19 days. Speakign of which, how can it already be March. Ugh.


Shout-out to Bob Carlton, the Skid Shop hero.


Today is the annual Coburn lecture. This year it’s being given by Judith/Jack Halberstam on the topic of Gaga Feminism. I have to go for ¬†Gender Studies, but I’d be there anyway. Especially because it’s about Lady Gaga. No one really knows what it’s about, but it’s sure to be fantastic.


Tomorrow I’m going to town to sell Ads for the theatre department’s Mainstage playbill for this semester. That’ll be fun.


I also have a five hour playwriting marathon class tomorrow. So excited. Yes. Looking forward to hearing my work read aloud. Also, can we talk about something else?


I’ve been put in a temporary position as a team member on the Skidmore Class of 2016 and Skidmore College apps on le Facebook! Ask me questions there, ask me questions here. I love you.


Find attached some pics of the snow! One from last evening, one from very very early this morning when I accidentally set my alarm for too early, and then another I snagged on my way to class! I love the soft blue of the snow.

Brown grass. White snow. Snow melts. Nice green grass in spring.


Bust the windows outcha car.




Measure in Love,


Kev Kev

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