Does it feel as academic as you thought it would? Skidmore vs Hamilton or Northwestern but loved many things about Skidmore- leaning towards Skidmore…..decisions, decisions

Great question anonymous prospective student!

Skidmore is the best. I love the academic life here so much. There’s no pressure to compete with your peers. Academy here is set up so you reach your personal best with the help of your professors and your classmates. No one is talking about how you did on the last paper your sociology prof handed back last class. Instead, everyone is talking about the African drum ensemble the music department brought in to play in Zankel two nights ago. Which brings me to my next point. While visiting other schools, the vibe was that studying is the absolute priority and all time outside of class is spent in the library or in the dorm studying. Here at Skidmore, the main thought process is: " I have a lot of work to do, but there’s a Yiddish clarinet group playing in Filene tonight, I want to go to that. So I’ll go to the concert and stay up late studying." The process involves shaping the cultural person as well as the intellectual person. Based on Hamilton and NWU, I have no idea how we compare, honestly. But I could not be happier than I currently am academically here at Skidmore.

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Go ahead, it's anonymous. And I'll answer.

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