Spring Break is Coming

Holler you crazy cats,


It’s Thursday, and it’s raining. So I technically can’t call it Thirsty Thursday because all you need to do to slake your thirst is step outside, look up and open your mouth. The tears (or sweat) of Mother Nature falling from the sky. I hope she’s sad rather than out of breath. Mother Nature’s sweat is narsty, I imagine.


Tomorrow is Friday, which means that come 3:30, I will officially be on my first ever spring break. All throughout Catholic school, we called it Easter Break or trimester ratings week. But mostly Easter break and never spring break. Spring break has a negative connotation to the priests and religious brothers who educated me.


So I’m very excited.  I’m just headed back to Long Island. In the past, I haven’t been too excited to be hitting up Strong Island for an extended amount of time, but this time, I’m frakking pumped. My sister Bridget is in her high school’s production of Footloose, I get to sleep a lot, and my best guy friend from school, Jon, is coming home for the week! How splendid!


Jon lives in a tiny baby town in New Hampsire and has been to NYC once, but it was on a school trip to see the “Broadway musical” Tarzan. So basically, he’s never been to New York or seen a play on Broadway. (Subtext: Tarzan is the worst, despite having music by P. Collins.) The plan is to expose Jon to three Broadway/off-Broadway shows he would never see. On Tuesday, we’re going to eat lunch at our friend Gab’s dad’s restaurant, TriBeca Grill. He also owns Nobu. I know, right? Then that night we’re seeing the first show.


The first show: The Total Bent, at the Public Theatre. A musical in development, it’s been billed as a four-hour, black, gospel, musical experiment extravaganza somewhere North of London and South of the Twilight Zone. I guess they want us to be surprised, because I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. Neither does Jon. But it’s by a composer I love, so.


The next day, we’re seeing two shows.


Show number 2: The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. I’m so excited for this one. There was a whole hoopla of controversy around this adaptation of the classic opera. So I want us to see it because we talked about it a TON in Intro to Theatre last semester. Also, two of the best singers ever of all time ever ever ever are in it: Audra McDonald (Every note she sings is an orgasm. Listen to her sing anything and you’ll cry, even if the song is hilarious) and Norm Lewis (My idol, who sang the rendition of the song I usually use for musical theatre auditions). I’m excited.


In between shows, I’ll be interviewing the playwright of the show I directed last semester (The Amish Project), Jessica Dickey. We’re friends on Facebook. NBD. I’m interviewing her for the show I’m in towards the end of the semester. I’m very excited to meet with her for a half hour and talk celebrities.


Show number 3: Venus in Fur. It’s about an erotic novelist. I suspect innocent, conservative, English major Jon will like one aspect of this play. Either erotic or novelist. Hm, I wonder. It’s supposed to be fantastic and intense and a powerhouse. So we’re excited for that. Mainly I’m excited, but Jon will have his eyes open to a whole new world of theatre this break.


I also really want to find time to take him to the Columbia University campus, just because I think it’s one of the most gorgeous places in NYC (New York City for you noobs).


Okay, let me go do some work so break can get here sooner.


Also, if any of y’all prospies are going to be on campus March 23 and 24, come see my AIDS Benefit show, a night of one acts called Skidmore AIDS Benefit Presents Come See Jon and Emma Get Naked!: A Night of Chris Durang! (http://www.facebook.com/events/196908287079974/) Message me on FB or Twitter for more info!



Okay, I’ll probs post tomorrow night because no one will be on campus by then so I’ll be lonely and packing for break.


Measure in Love,




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