We Watched 3 Episodes of “Smash” This Afternoon

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Greetings from Rockville Centre on the Long Island, yo! I’m sitting here in Starbucks at 5:08pm on Sunday afternoon! I just had the strangest encounter with a barista I’ve ever had. But before I get to that, let me fill you in on my journey back to the Long Island!


Friday, I had a great day. I had a really fulfilling playwriting class, a really tasty chicken finger lunch, and then the strangest Theatre Company meeting ever. (The other frosh blogger, Ryan, was there, and he can attest.) That night, I planned to start packing, but then got hungry and went to d-hall. Two bites into my burger I got the invite to go to Five Guys and then to Plum Dandy, so I put down my burger and ate my peppers instead, because I had to have something healthy before eating a heart attack at Five Guys. So tasty. Then we played Apples to Apples at Plum Dandy while we at our froyo. It was a weird night and I ended up sitting in the trunk of the car on the way back to campus. Weird but fun. Then I realized oh my god it’s midnight and I haven’t packed yet and I leave in 8 hours most of which need to be sleep-filled. SO I packed. And I totes still feel like I forgot something, so. And anyways.


Saturday morning, I awoke later than I intended to, took the quickest shower ever and got all of scheisse together and headed to Case to get coffee before the next step. But Burgess was closed. Ugh, talk about #springbreakstruggz. Then I hopped into a taxi with Jon, the mysterious figure who’s come home with me for break, and we headed to Albany-RenselaylaylaylayIDoNotKnowHowToSpellIt Station and we got awful and I mean awful coffee. But they had orange Gatorade, and orange Gatorade, along with green peppers, free Starbucks, Corgis, otters, and exquisitely crafted creme brûlée, is my Kryptonite. So that was a positive that came along with the positively awful coffee. Then we got on to Megabus. Which was not as scary as expected. The ride was actually quite lovely. We sat on the top level of the bus and the view was lovely. It truly was. Then, once arriving in NYC, we hotfooted it to Penn Station and got on the LIRR (or the “Long Island train” as Jon referred to it) and headed to RVC, where we were greeted by my family in two cars. My sister and Pa in the other, and Kerry, my stepmom, in the other! It was a lovely surprise and Bridget got her braces off! #showmeyourteeth. Then we went home and relax and unpacked before going to see my sister in Footloose at her high school! It was one of the most riveting pieces of theater I’ve ever seen. Then we went to bed because we were exhausted. And by exhausted I mean dead. And all of this Daylights Savings Scheisse is so confusing.


This morning, I woke up this afternoon and ate a half bagel and drank a glass of juice, showered, and then sat down for a 3 episode marathon of NBC’s new series Smash, which I’m really enjoying. It’s a totally fictional and absurd series about the creation of a Broadway musical. Then we came to Starbucks, where the adventure really begins.


This is like one of Jon’s first times at this Starbucks (his second to be exactly–the first was last night), so he has no idea how great the staff is. They’re like a perfectly cast sitcom in Barista form. Like they work like a machine. There’s this new barista. She doesn’t have a Long Island accent, so I have no idea what she’s doing here. I think she’s from Minnesota or Wisconson, IDK she’s defs one of those. And she’s so nervous. So I get up there and had to repeat my order to her because I spit it out so fast, and they’ve never gotten it wrong before. Ugh, first world pains to the max. Then I handed her a $20 bill and she looked like she was going to cry. She threw my change into my hand and threw the cup on which she wrote my order at the coffee maker and like stormed off for a second. And then I got my drink, and I was so tired, that the minute the caffeine hit my mouth, I was wide awake. #caffeineaddiction. And she’s so loud. “HAI. WHAT CAHYUN AI GET YOU? A TWO PERCENT NOOOOO FOAAAAAMMM LATTEE? OHKAY.” Anyways.


Jon’s had a lot of firsts this break, already.


Jon’s Firsts Of Spring Break 2008, A Working List–Like one of this Baby Books

1. Baby’s first time on a double decker bus.

2. Baby’s first time in a taxi.

3. Baby’s first time on Long Island.

4. Baby’s first time on the LIRR.

5. Baby’s first time in NYC.

6. Baby’s first time in an all girls’ Catholic school.

7. Baby’s first Frappucino.


Okay, so tomorrow we’re just chilling at home probably. I gotta do some laundry tomorrow. Tuesday we’re meeting Gab for lunch and seeing an Off-Broadway Musical! Yay! Ugh, gotta love it.Wednesday, we’re seeing two shows and interviewing Jess Dickey! Yay! Thursday, we’re exploring the city with our friend Alexia and seeing a comedy group who performed at ComFest!




Measure in Love,




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