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Hi all,


I’ve just gotten home from an enormously long second (out of three) day in NYC this break. I’ll fill y’all in starting Monday night after I ended my last post. Gosh, I don’t even know where to start except fajitas. I frakking love love love fajitas, especially when my dad, Big Kevin (or Zeus as he makes us call him–Does that make me Hercules?) makes them. They’re so tasty. So my grandma, or GrandHelen or Grandma comes over and eats with us, and Jon is still here, mind you. He’s the worst. And also the best friend a gal can have. And Grandma comes over and then eats and leaves – She doesn’t say a word the entire time, weird, right? Just comes in, shoves a tortilla with Hispanic fillings down her esophagus and gets back in her fuel efficient Honda and zooms away – and Jon and I watch more TV and prepare to hit up NYC big time.


Tuesday rolls around and Jon’s heart is palpitating because he’s never been to NYC and he’s afraid of buildings bigger than the one room schoolhouse down by the town phone in his hamlet in New Hampshire. So we get on the LIRR and head into the city. We get on the subway and I’m wearing shoes I’m not used to, mind you. So we get in the subway and we’re hella early for our lunch menage a trois with Gab so we walk around TriBeCa for a bit, and end up popping squats right on the Hudson. We actually fooled our friend Alexia into thinking Jon fell in, what an NYC noob, right? Anyway, so I’m developing quite a blister now on my right foot and it hurts like a thousand machetes piercing my ankle every time I step so we go to a Duane Reade where I try to pay with my CVS card and Woo-Li (his name, not making it up) slaps my hand. Literally. And then we put the BandAid on and hobbled over to TriBeCa Grill where the food was SO EFFING GOOD and chatting with GabGab was great. After that, we went to visit Zeus at his office downtown. Then we headed towards the theatre where the show would be that night. Hung out in Starbucks. The Public Theater is being renovated so the building is crazy. We saw The Total Bent, which was this triply existential gorgeous gospel musical experiment. It was really rally interesting and overwhelming. And also. We met the guy who wrote the show. Stew, who won a Tony. We walked into the theatre space and he was sitting there! So he signed my Playbill! After that, we went to Penn Station and I have a blister the size of a small town in New Hampshire (Jon?)


We sleep briefly and are out the door at 7am, heading back to the city to see Porgy and Bess, and Venus in Fur. We waited all the morning long for tickets, met a whole lot of Canadiens and weird people (although what is weird, truly?) and drank a lot of coffee. We got tickets for Porgy and Bess and ate a satisfying meal at John’s Pizzeria on 44th. I love their pizza. After that, Porgy and Bess came. It was really wonderful, despite all of the controversy surrounding the musical theatre adaptation of the opera. The star, Audra McDonald was out sick from the show, but her understudy was STUNNING. Norm Lewis, who played Porgy was wonderful as well. The last few moments of the show had a moving et change that took my breath away. In between shows, we grabbed some caffeine and I interviewed Jessica Dickey at Starbucks. I interviewed her for the workshop I’m a part of, and we talked about celebrities for a while. I like her a lot. She’s so sweet.


And then came the best. Not the Jamba Juice that came after the post matinee Starbucks.


Venus in Fur.


This was our second show of the day. It was jaw-droppingly, mind-blowingly, goose-pimple-inducingly, the most riveting piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. I still can’t really even put into words what about it was so fantastic. The production was flawless and the play itself was nearly perfect. I want to write a whole thesis on this play and its perfection. But I can’t. My mind was and still is literally blown. The actor Hugh Dancy was phenomenal, but the actress Nina Arianda, who made up the other half of the cast, was a powerhouse. Best performance I’ve ever seen in a theatre by far. I learned so much just from watching her. Gah, I can’t even think about the show without getting goosebumps. I forgot how to breathe a few times during the show. It was just. Perfect. I’ll write more about it eventually. But Jon and I, when discussing it, all we could muster up were unfinished sentences and wordless grunts expressing how perfect it was. Gah.


Okay, then after the show, we walked down to Penn, got on the LIRR and came home and here we are. Getting ready for bed before our third day in the city with our friend Alexia tomorrow. Yeah man, exploring uptown and making our way downtown before a show at Upright Citizens Brigade!


Jon’s Firsts Of Spring Break 2008, A Working List–Like one of this Baby Books

1. Baby’s first time on a double decker bus.

2. Baby’s first time in a taxi.

3. Baby’s first time on Long Island.

4. Baby’s first time on the LIRR.

5. Baby’s first time in NYC.

6. Baby’s first time in an all girls’ Catholic school.

7. Baby’s first Frappucino.

8. Baby’s first Subway ride.

9. Baby’s first Broadway musical.

10. Baby’s first time eating NY pizza.

11. Baby’s first time in Central Park.

12. Baby’s first time doing student rush for cheap tickets.

13. Baby’s first time staying up past 8:30.

14. Baby’s first step.


Measure in Love,



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