How Dare They Try To End This Beauty

Hi everyone,


Today was my first day back on campus after an amazing spring break, which I’ve duhbviously posted about in excess. So today I have a few topics to briefly cover before returning to my insanely insanely insanely busy week!


First off, I’d like to discuss how I ran today: outside. I never worked out before January. And I worked out nearly every day until the Wednesday before break when I stretched poorly before running and pulled a muscle while running. So I took off from then until today to heal. So whence upon I woke up this late morning, I discovered the most beautiful day in a long time (and perhaps forever) so I decided today I would run the length of Perimeter Road. Perimeter Road, as you may assume, runs around the perimeter of campus. So I pull on my short shorts and my knee high socks and my tight tank top and proceeded to run. And around campus I made it. It was very challenging. I usually run on a treadmill at a steady rhythm and don’t stop. And not at an incline. What I did not realize and/or factor into today’s running challenge is that the outdoors is not on a flat plain. So running up and down the hills was challenging, but ultimately very fulfilling and made me feel like I was going to have a few heart attacks. I almost stopped a few times but my quest for shape prevailed. It was rough though.


Hey, speaking of heart attacks, nature was so nice today. Saratoga has had spring arrive early! It was 75 or so today! I was wearing shorts all day and had iced coffee and gender studies had class outside and I sat on the grass on the green afterwards and did some work there. I’m so lucky that this has been such a warm winter. Apparently last year, there was still a foot of snow on the ground at this point. I like Mother Nature. And also global warming because it gives the warm weather but I dislike global warming because it’s leading to the end of the world. Which my Italian professor told us today – the world is ending. At least I’ll be wearing shorts when the earth implodes.


I can’t remember what the third topic was, so once again I will do a plug for my AIDS Benefit show, which is entitled “Skidmore AIDS Benefit presents Come See Jon and Emma Get Naked!: A Night of Chris Durang.” That is a long title. If any y’all will be on campus this Friday or Saturday, the 23 and 24 of March, come see the show at 8pm that night in Wilson Chapel! It’l be the best thing you see that night!


This reminds me of the time in my youth when I was living in my old house. There was a bird’s nest in the roof of our garage. One of the baby birds who had just hatched fell out of the nest and fell to the floor, where my dog tried to eat it. It died, so we buried it. It was sad. An insight into the darker side of Kevin Berry. We all got baggage.

I meant to take a picture when it was brighter out, so you could see the beauty. But I forgot. So I snagged this artsy shot through my dorm room screen, of the sunset. The screen is a metaphor. I am Annie Liebovitz for a new generation.


Measure in Love,



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