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Greetings prospies and trekkies and hobbits,


It is late in the evening this Friday/early Saturday and this evening was a great success.


Tonight was the opening night of my AIDS Benefit show! Yay!

It was a huge success, methinks. I hope tomorrow goes even better, which I think it might. My parents are coming! And my sister, Bridget Berry! Ga ga ooh la la! I hope they like the show, but I’m also very nervous because on a scale of one to ten, the show is inapropro. Like a thousand times inapropro and awkward and uncomfortable. Whatevs, they’ll deal and be proud in that weird way that parents always are.


This takes me back to the time in my youth when I was on the PAL/Little League soccer team in my town. I sucked hardcore at soccer and still do. Like I say, we all got baggage to claim. Some of it gets lost in the airport and ends up in Cleveland when you want it to end at the World Cup of Soccer. I am in Cleveland and Cleveland is my theatre. (Metaphor.) But I was out there making an effort, so my parentals were hardcore proud. I hope the show evokes similar feelings. Proud parent watching their son flail and fail at futbol. (Like in Spanish, futbol means soccer. Yeah man.) Except this time it would be the proud parent watching two actors successfully depict their director’s (and the parents’ son’s) vision come alive in a chapel in the woods. And making theatre.


Just found a really great picture of me for my new FB profile picture, aw yeah.


After this week, my life calms down for a week and a half or so before jumpstarting into “Hey it’ the end of the school year time, time to figure out what you’re doing with your bad self.”


Speaking of things that make me curse loudly and vocally – like stubbing my little toe on a sharp corner, I would like to tell you what happened about 45 minutes ago, at 2am. The fire alarm went off in my dorm. Ugh. I had just gotten home from a night out after my show, and was literally sitting on the toilet – sorry, we all make BMs sometimes, everybody poops, and I’m normally not this explicit about my excretory process – I was literally sitting on the toilet. And the alarm starts going. And I start cursing because I recognize the sound. SCREAMING CURSING. ¬†ALL THE WAY DOWN THE HALLWAY AND OUT THE DOOR. Screaming. I paused while I ran down the hallway, because there’s a strobe light that flashes, so I run in slo-mo down the hallway and I pretend I’m Kate Winslet in that scene from Titanic, but as soon as I’m out the door I’m screaming again. Tell me, do you find me funny or disturbing? So we’re outside and no one has any idea what’s going on – wait a sec, I’m writing this, and I hear a HUGE group of people screaming. Hm. – and no one has any idea what’s going on, and then the alarm stops and we’re allowed back in. Literally so anticlimactic. SO COLLEGE.


Anyhoo, my show’s last performance is tomorrow. So I need to get some sleep. The screaming people are getting closer. Let’s get down to business and defeat the Huns.


Measure in Love,





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