This Says “Welcome To The 90s, Where Are My Baggy Jeans?”

Hi all,


Before I begin, I need you all to watch this YouTube video:

Literally one of the most magical musical theatre performances I’ve ever seen.


Hey, by the way, it’s Friday! I’m going to a lot of events tonight! I’m attending the Drastics Benefit concert this semester (I’m no longer a member due to a lot of things, but it was a personal choice to leave the group and I left on good terms.), then going to stand-up night, then to celebrate a friend’s birthday party.


I’m currently sitting in my room writing and fighting the urge to get up and eat the peanut butter on my shelf. I had a big dinner.


This takes me back to the time in my youth, and by youth I mean this past summer. I was in a production of Seussical the Musical and was playing the lead, The Cat in the Hat. The final performance. ¬†Oh, darn. I have to go the concert now. I’ll fill you in another time.


Measure in Love,





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