Angry Birds in Space is an Amazing App



I’m sitting here in the theatre building writing like a boss. You know me, I’m a boss. I had one rehearsal for one of the three shows I have left for the semester. #busyasabee


ALSO CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HOW IT’S ALREADY FRAKKING APRIL? It’s so weird. I mean it feels like I just got here last week in September and I was being more outgoing than normal in a desperate human attempt to find a few new friends. I have friends now, so I’m not nearly as outgoing as I was. Ugh. I don’t ned new friends. Just kidding, we all need new friends. Four weeks from today, my last class happens. And I’m a quarter done with college.


Anyways, I’m sitting here in the theatre lounge upstairs. I guess it’s the upstairs lobby of the theater building.


Gah, I have rehearsal now. Someone remind me to write later. This isn’t really a big exciting post, just a hey, I’m still here type of post.


So hey I’m still here.


Measure in Love,





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