I Just Swallowed Three Lemons.

Friends, family, faculty, distinguished guests and the graduating class of 1998,


Happy Friday! I’m currently sitting here at Uncommon Grounds, which is something I rarely do. I’m sipping a super saturated with sugar iced tea. Delicious.


It’s absolutely gorgeous out today. Like, so beautiful. I’m meeting my friend Skye and we’re going to the best gelato place in town which is also the only gelato place in town. There are a lot of Saratogian high school kids running around today. It’s weird seeing high school kids, is that weird that I think that? Maybe. Whatever.


There’s nothing quite like a Friday in spring in Toga. It’s sunny and gorgeous. I never come to Uncommon though. I’m usually on campus. I like town though. Uncommon, as I’ve written about before, is a coffee place in town and it is the – Hold up a second, a man who looks just like my father, Zeus, just walked by. CLONING IS REAL – place to be for college kids in town. You grab a caffè mocha and a big comfy chair and pop a squat for the rest of the night slash your life because the chairs are so comfortable.


Skye just got here, she just had a voice lesson. Tonight, I’m introducing my friend Emily to the classic cult Disney film, Newsies. She’s never seen it and it’s a huge part of the reason why I do theater and musical theater. Then, after that we’re going to see Em’s friend Wylie’s gigantic folk orchestra play in the Spa! Which will be so much fun so much fun! Because it’s Friday, and as I so frequently say, you gotta get down on Friday. This weekend I have to do my Gender Studies final project, so I might post Sunday night.


This takes me back to the time in my youth when last summer my family went to Italy after I graduated high school. We were on a long drive from our first stop to our second stop, Rome to Positano, and we had this strange hilarious driver named Bartolomew. He was a sweetie, but a cray cray driver. The Amalfi Drive is a long winding cliffside road that’s dangerous and tough to maneuver. the adventure of this drive was that we had to spend an hour and a half or so on said cliffside drive. Bart, or Barty as I took to calling him, was telling us these cray cray stories about how he seemed to know basically the entire Amalfi Coast population. He eventually ended up turning around nearly entirely in his seat and Zeus had to take the wheel, like that Carrie Underwood song. Ze-us take the wheel. Zeus didn’t really take the wheel, nor did Bart really turn around, but he frequently turned around to point out things we had just passed. We were afeard we were going to crash over the guardrails and fly into the Meditteranean. But if we had, I obviously wouldn’t be writing the blog post. Or maybe we did and I’m a ghosty. Haunted.


That would be spooky.


Measure in Love,



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