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Hi all,


Happy Sunday! I had a wonderful weekend, filled with Skidmore theater and with tinges throwing spears at each other for the halibut.


Friday, after playwriting class, I bid farewell to the prospective student who stayed with me during his Discovery Tour and ate lunch, then headed to Theater Company. Oh! After that, I had a bit of free time before my workshop dress rehearsal. That was a lot of fun. Then.


Alexia, my best friend and fellow cast member, and I headed over to the Dance gym where we attended The Twilight Zone, the Element Fashion Show. It was wonderful and a lot of fun. There is a LOT of talent on this campus. The show was about an hour long and featured designers and models from all walks of life on campus. It was amazing, some of the pieces people created were awe-inspiring.


After Element, Alexia, me, and our friends Emma and Pat piled into Pat’s car and headed to Wilton Mall. #breakingthebubble. When we arrived at the mall, we purchased tickets to the movie I have been looking forward to more than anything: The Hunger Games. It was the best book-to-movie adaptation I’ve ever seen. It was incredible and perfect in every way and made me cry and laugh and have a few small heart attacks and, ultimately, lose control of my muscles. It was beyond anything I ever expected. Then, we went to the Ajax in Iraq cast party. Ajax in Iraq is the mainstage show for this semester in the theater department. Then I caught up on my much-needed sleep.


Last night, I had another dress rehearsal and then saw The Fantatsicks, presented by Cabaret Troupe! Cab Troupe is the musical theater club on campus. They did a very good job with this tiny little musical. It was a lot of fun! Then, my workshop had a cast party and after I came home to catch up on more much-needed sleep. And here we are. Sunday morning.


I’ll be speaking on a student panel at Accepted Students Day tomorrow! Huzzah!


The poster for the Cab Troupe show!

Measure in Love,



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