Hot Day Post

Hi all,


This will be brief but not too brief.


It is hot as hell outside. I described myself as “hotter than a Southern woman gettin’ the vapors in a church on a hot August day while wearing a big purple church-goin’ dress suit with a big peach-colored church hat and all I want is a sweet tea.”


Anyways, this morning was really really exciting for me: I had the opportunity to speak on a student panel at Accepted Candidates’/Students’ Day! It was a really nerve-wracking and ultimately very fulfilling experience to be on the panel! When deliberating between here and my other schools, the student panel in Zankel was one of the deciding factors which made my decision to enroll in Skidmore. Unless I had some really expensive hiking boots, then I would Skidless. But yes, the panel helped my decision and it was a great feeling knowing that I have the potential to affect someone’s decision to enroll in Skiddies.


One thing that made me nervous, besides speaking in general, during the panel, was that I think I accidentally sassed a prospective student 🙁


A prospie asked  the following question: “I’ve heard that freshman are all in triples, is that true?” I immediately jumped on the question with the answer, “Yes, that’s true.” The audience entire erupted into laughter for a moment, and I was slightly embarrassed because I had more of an answer to give, which I had the opportunity to give in the end. But I felt kind of bad afterwards because I sassed a prospy.


Also, if any of you were there, I had an answer to give for “What would you change about Skidmore/What do you like least?” From the bottom of my heart, honestly, and truly, the thing I like least about Skid are…the squirrels. And in addition to saying that because there’s truly nothing I dislike because I love Skidmore so much, the squirrels here are truly psychotic. I think I may have done a blog post about them already. But if not, I will some other time, because the weather is too beautiful for me to be inside right now.


Also, tonight is my opening night! Limelit forever!


Measure in Love,



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