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Hi all,


It’s me, Kevin Berry, coming at you from Rounds Hall this Tuesday evening. Tonight was the second of three performances of the workshop I’m performing in. I’m kinda sad that it’s almost over, actually. But it means that for the last two weeks of classes, I’ll be able to focus 100% on my classes. That’s a lie.


The last two weeks of classes for me include:

1. A directing scene with a massive monologue for me to memorize.

2. Another show to direct.

3. Another show to perform in.

4. Revision of my play for playwriting class.

5. An Italian project involving iMovie and multiple media.


Basically, these last two weeks leading up to finals week are hella busy, but if you manage your time well, you’ll do wonderfully!


The last few weeks of the spring semester have also become “What in tarnation am I doing with my summer?” weeks, filled with anxious waiting for responses to various applications for internships and jobs. So that’s something I’ll keep you posted on very soon.


The last few weeks of the semester have also become “Let’s look ahead to the future” weeks, where I consider what will happen to me over the next three years and how will I change and a lot of sentimental stuff like that that makes me teary-eyed sometimes.


The last few weeks of the semester have also become “Which of my theater friends will I see over the summer before they go abroad in the fall and before I go abroad in the spring?” and “Which friends am I able to not see for a whole school year with all of the craziness of being abroad?” weeks. I think that explains itself.


The last few weeks of the semester have also become “Relax” weeks. While I have a lot to do, I’m still managing to get it done with time to hang out with friends and blog and read some plays. Which is pleasant.


This takes me back to the time in my youth at my all-boys’ Catholic high school. Our finals were spread out over 6 day. One for each class. 3 full hours of testing. 6 to 7 essays per each, plus 200 multiple choice. It was almost as bad as being forced to take a bath in mayonnaise. Yes.


The last few weeks of the semester have also become “So much to do and I need sleep” weeks.


Measure in Love,



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