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Hello once again!


It’s my usual Friday evening post post! How are you? I am very well today. I had a great day. Really great playwriting class followed by a wonderful Theater Company meeting. Somewhere in there I bought myself a new pair of soundproof ear buds for my music. It’s casual and awesome.


After classes were done for the day, my friend Alexia, who I’ve probably mentioned on here before, headed downtown on the bus (free for Skidmore kids, by the way). We took the bus just a stop further, getting off at the stop near Starbucks. Since we were there, we grabbed some iced coffee, because it is warm today and I was sweating like a sinner in church. After coffee, we headed down to the park.


Congress Park is an absolutely gorgeous little pocket of a park right in the middle of downtown Saratoga. It’s absolutely gorgeous. There are tons of little hidden areas and surprises dispersed throughout the park. It was my first time there, so it was a really beautiful and unexpected afternoon. At the end of the post, I’ll include some fun pictures of Alexia so you can see some of the Greco-Roman details in the park. There’s a lovely memorial for all those lost in World War I, set out in the middle of the lake. If I’m able to embed the video, I’ll show you Alexia on the war memorial dance daring some strangers casually.


After the park, we began walking up to town to go to Putnam Market. On our walk, we met up with two other friends, Emma and Sophia. And then we ran into my friend Daniella who works for Admissions and Communications! She had her dog, Max, with her. Cute dog. After we said bye to Daniella, we headed to Putnam Market where we got some tasty sandwiches and then to Cafe Gelato where we got…Gelato. It was so tasty. I’m going through an orange eating phase right now which I hope never ends (I had 4 oranges for breakfast the other day), so I got a scoop of chocolate-covered orange flavored gelato.


Then we walked back to campus and now I’m getting ready to see the main stage production of Ajax in Iraq. Should be fun! After that, I’m going to the Sketchies final show of the semester!


Talk to you tomorrow!


Measure in Love,



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