Wednesday Surprise

Hi all,


I’ve got some quite exciting news: I’m going to be assistant directing one musical this summer, and performing and tech crewing another! How fun is that! I’m very excited, because the director I’ll be assisting is a dear friend of mine and one who I look up to very much. The musical is called All Shook Up, and is essentially the story of Twelfth Night by Shakespeare transported to the 1950s Midwest and set the the music of Elvis. The other musical is the Mel Brooks contemporary classic, The Producers. I’m singing the lead stormtrooper in Springtime for Hitler.


In other news, tonight is room selection night for me! Huzzah! I don’t exactly know where I’m living yet, but I have ideas and would really like a room with a view of the mountains/hills/mounds of land in the distance so I can see the sunset and be inspired in my writing.


In other other news, I’m sleepy.


In other other other news, this past weekend I finally watched The Human Centipede – Watch it. It was hilarious and brilliant and terrifying and disgusting and awful all at once.


Alrighty, I have class now, so tengo que ir.


Measure in Love,


Kev Kev


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