The Year Draws to a Close…

Hi all!


I’ve decided it’s time for another post similar to the one I did at the end of fall semester where I do a lot of self-examination and determine how I’ve changed since the beginning of the school year.


1. I’m more independent. Not totally, but still. Independence takes time. America’s fight for independence taught me that.


2. I think a little more before I speak now. So that’s good. Brevity is the soul of wit, and that quote is inappropriately being applied in this situation.


3. I’ve definitely become more of an intellectual spirit. Nothing like feeling like I’ll be able to scream “Get out of my laboratory!” when I get home to Long Island for the summer. ’90s Cartoon Network reference, aw yeah.


4. My music taste has become so much broader. When I came here first, I listened to female pop singers and show tunes almost exclusively. Now the WASP country club that is my music taste has now opened up to other genres of music such as…well, others. Retro soul funk techno rap hip-hop blues alternative and most of all death metal but not really death metal.


5. My interests have broadened slightly beyond theater to include gender studies and possibly advertising. But mostly just just gender studies. My jam.


6. I can now successfully do my own laundry in a timely fashion. You learn to set your timers on your phone and such because I compare the laundry rooms here to an African savannah after a pack of zebras has just been killed by a king lion: every other lion wants in on the metaphorical zebra meat and the zebra meat is the laundry machines and if you’re not there as soon as your timer goes off, your laundry will be taken out and put on top of the laundry machines.


7. I’ve figured myself out. I haven’t totally figured out my summer yet, but I’ve definitely figured myself out as a person. I’m still confused about parts of me, but that’s what the journey of life is about, right?


On that note, yesterday was Fun Day! Fun Day its a tradition here at Skidmore. Everyone lets loose for one day before buckling down before finals. It was my first fun day, obviously. It was a total blast! Everyone was just chilling out on the green and hugging and taking a lot of pictures and getting sunburn and smiling. There were moon bounces and the like, lots of free food, free sunglasses and free cups! It was all so happy!


Next up: The staged reading of 8 I’ll be performing in on Tuesday night! I can’t wait!


Measure in Love,



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