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So I’ve barely posted, because I’ve been über-busy lately since the school year is coming to a close.


I haven’t posted since Monday. What’s happened since then?


Well, let’s go in day order.


Monday day, I had my last gender studies class, which made me sad because I loved the class and my classmates so much. But it’s okay because I’m taking a class with the same professor next semester. Monday night, I had rehearsal for “8,” which went rather well. After that, I think i went right to bed.

On Tuesday, the weather was kind of crappy. Yes, it was wet and rainy out, so that wasn’t ideal. I had my last acting class in the morning, where we presented our final scenes. I was very proud of the work my partner and I did. After the presentations, we went to Marie Glotzbach, the President’s wife’s house. We, as a class, had a nice lunch. It was a lot of fun. After that, I had an anticlimactic final Italian class. Tuesday night was the performance of “8,” which went really really well. I finally got to the point in my character where I was happy with the performance I gave. After the show, I went to my friend’s birthday party and to bed nice and early.

On Wednesday, I woke up nice and late and took a day for myself to rest up before a marathon of studying. Wednesday night, I watched The Help with my two best friends  Jon and Alexia. I cried whilst watching The Help. After the film, Jon left and Alexia and I went for a walk at like, 1 a.m.. Which was really nice. It was raining and we walked all over the place: to the top of the Tang, to the gazebo by the pond, and to the library and then to Case, where we split up for the night.

On Thursday, I studied for most of the morning and some of the afternoon before Alexia and I attended a performance of the theatre piece that the senior collaborations class had come up with over the semester. At the conclusion of the performance, Alexia and I went to the Tang to see the Donald Moffett exhibit. After that, we ate dinner and split up for the night to study.

Today, I studied in the morning and am still studying, having taken a small break to write this post. At 6, I’m meeting my friend Madi to take headshots and then am going to dinner in town for my friend Sophie’s birthday. Then I’m planning to study for the rest of the night and go to bed hopefully before 1 a.m..


I’ll post on Monday night, possibly.


Measure in Love,




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