The Last Night of the World

Hi all,


I’m sitting here on Friday, May 11, 2012.


I’m having quite an emotional day. Today is my last day on campus until September 2, 2012. I’m not crying, it’s just my dust allergy. Seriously, packing up like this raises so much dust. Also I might be crying a little.


Yes, the time has come for me to return to Strong Long Island for the summer. Despite having such an exciting summer ahead of me, I’m still enormously emotional that I won’t be back “home” in Saratoga Springs for 4 months. I say “home,” because while my home will always be Long Island and New York City, Saratoga has become a third home, a home away from home, and a place where I feel safer and more comfortable than anywhere else on the planet. Maybe besides Belgium, where I have never been, but I understand everyone there smiles constantly.


Last night I finished my last exam, Italian, and hollered for joy that I had finished my freshman year. It’s really weird that I’m a fourth of the way through college. The time has flown. I was on the phone with my dad last night after the test, and he said the year flew by for him and he can’t believe that I’m done already. (He has a family friend who I guarantee, as soon as I see her when I get home, will say, “Gosh, Kevin, can you believe you’re a quarter done with college already?”) And I said time flew by quicker for me. It feels like just yesterday that I arrived in Saratoga the night before move-in, and visited my friend Morgan who’s on the soccer team and had been here for a few weeks already. That night, I went to her dorm room in Howe, which is connected to Rounds, where I live, and we went to my current room and the door was open and my old roommate Kojo was there and it was funny. Seems like it was last night. Time flies.


This morning I woke up around 10 or 10:30 and showered, dressed, and bid farewell to my roommate Dan, who was in the process  of moving out when I left to go downtown. I went and bid farewell to a few friends, grabbed an iced tea from Burgess (coffee place in Case Center (the student center)), and met up with my friend Sophie to go downtown. We got off on Broadway, went into town, bought my mom a Mother’s Day gift, and then met up with Lily and Abby at Karavalli restaurant for a tasty, sultry, spicy lunch. Then we went, where else but Starbucks and then we walked back to campus.


I bid them farewell and was a little sad, and thought it couldn’t get much harder than that. I was in for a surprise. I met a few friends at Case to say goodbye, a few seniors. Then I stopped briefly by my room. After this, I headed to the Northwoods. I stopped by several senior houses to bid them farewell for their futures. I was sad, they were a little sad, but none of the goodbyes effected me as much s saying good-bye to my friend Nikkitha did. Nikkitha is a student playwright and was a classmate of mine in playwriting and believed in me since before the class even began last semester. She has been a great, supportive fellow playwright all semester and her work was even put up as a third production this semester in the theater department.


Saying god-bye to Nikkitha was hard, I thought I was going to burst into tears, but instead I held it together. We said an emotional farewell and I headed to a few more houses.


After these farewells, I came home to my room to start packing. And pack pack pack I did. It made me sad, but I had some happy showtunes blasting the entire time. I took my RA Dorothy to dinner at Five Guys because she’s the best. My last meal in d-hall for the year was last night at late night.


On my farewell rounds today, I saw Grady, the former president of AIDS Benefit. I say former because he stepped down since he’s graduating. I am proud to say that I am now the president of Skidmore AIDS Benefit. I have a lot of plans for the group in the coming three years, so if you’re coming to Skidmore and like outreach and performance, get involved!


Tomorrow morning, my dad comes and I climb into our Benz station wagon and we will drive home to Long Island.


I have a great summer ahead though! I’m assistant directing All Shook Up and am hopefully going to be interning in NYC!


I’m going to watch all of the movies, catch up on all of the TV, read all of the books, and see all of the theatre commercial and non-commercial. I’m excited to do some traveling and other fun stuff.


Next weekend, I’m going to Dartmouth College (I know, Ivy League!) to visit a few friends! Also, I’m sure I’m going to be the dumbest one there –  They’ll be making jokes about Nelson Mandela’s foreign policy and I’ll be sitting there like, “I like Mean Girls and Game of Thrones.” I’m driving up by myself and am hugely pumped and nervous for the drive but mainly SUPER excited to see my friends!


Well, it looks like this is it. If I’m not blogging for the summer, I’ll see you real soon, I promise.


How do you measure, measure a summer?


2, 701 hours until September 1 and my return to campus.


How do you measure, measure the first year of college?


In memories.

In calories.

In laughter.

In laughing so hard you cry.

In crying so hard you laugh.

In all-nighters.

In stress.

In exams.

In papers.

In morning classes overslept.

In morning classes slept through.

In alarms slept through multiple times.

In frantic rushes to class after missing your alarm.

In shower shoes.

In washing machine loads.

In d-hall dinners.

In calories.

In ice cream sundays.

In CDTA trips downtown.

In Saturday nights staying out until the sunrises, just to see it rise.

In diminishing dollars on the SkidCard.

In notebooks.

In text messages.

In “D-Hall for dinner anyone?” texts.

In procrastination.

In pop songs on repeat at Northwoods parties.

In accomplishments from the last year.

In goals for the next school year.

But most of all.


Measure in Love.


See you in the fall. Love you guys.




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