The Skidmore Bear Will Be Old News in 2 Days. Safety Alert – This Fab College Guy is Coming for You, Skidmore.

Hi friends,


Happy Sunday all! I’ve just gotten home from what my family and I always refer to as “The Last Supper.” Yes, a Biblical reference. Every time I am about to head back to school for a long time (after summer, after winter break, after spring break), my dad lets me choose any restaurant in town to eat at with the family. I always choose the same place, George Martin Bar and Grill, affectionately referred to as George Martin. It was my dad’s favorite restaurant for forever and now it’s mine. They have the best steak sandwich on the face of the planet. Tonight I ate like a king – crab cakes to start, then the sammy, and then my sister, cousin Emma, my dad, mom, and Grandma all split 2 desserts – a delicious brownie tower sundae extravaganzathon spectacular that might be the cause of Diabetes in America, and a sumptuous key lime pie which I ate none of because I hate the fast of key lime. It was a laugh riot. The whole dinner, not just the dessert. Dessert is spelled with 2 s’s because you always want more.


Today, my pa and I took over the mall/Bed Bath and Beyond where my pa and I spent mucho dinero on stuff for my dorm in Penfield Hall when I make my glorious and glorified return to Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs on Tuesday, August 28th. Yes. 2 days away. In less than 48 hours, I will be home.




I’ve been packing all day and have a ton of stuff. I’m thinking the theme of my room is going to be Broadway bazaar in Marrakesh on a cool autumn’s eve told through shades of blue and white and 50 Shades of Gray (or 50 Shades Darker, or 50 Shades Freed, and I hate myself for making this reference). Also a theme of the room is going to be cleanliness and health, based on the amount of cleaning supplies and the bathroom scale that we bought today.


I’m going back to school with a lot more self-confidence than I left with – I’ve lost 25 pounds, I’ve gotten all new jeans that don’t fit my lower half like a circus tent, I can wear more of my clothing again. I look good, yo. Also I got a new zip-up sweatshirt that I already love.


My sister and cousin and I are going to watch The Hunger Games now. So.


May the odds be ever in your favor and talk to you Tuesday night when I’m on campus!


Measure in Love,





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