Hi friends,


Welcome to the new Skidmore school year 2012-2013!


I arrived on campus in style yesterday having to pee like a racehorse. Ironic, since this is the tail end of track season.


I ran into Case Center, used the bathroom after my long drive up with Dad, and then got my card encoded so I could get into Penfield, and then went to the Skid Shop, where after a glorious reunion with SkidShop man Bob Carlton (a little shoutout) I bought a fridge and brought it to my new room on the third floor. It was dramatic. My dad and I moved all of my scheisse in and began to unpack and organize a bit. Then we went to Target which was a whole bother adventure and a half. And then we got the first Putnam sandwiches of my school year, which was INCREDIBLE. When I leave Skidmore, I will leave part of my heart here on campus and another part nearly equal in size at Putnam Market.


Then we went back to campus and parked and unpacked all of my Target stuff and brought it to my room, where we said goodbye/farewell/see you soon/be safe. After Pa left, my friend Abby came and she’s the best and she sat there while I unpacked and organized. That was fun, otherwise it would be me and my computer music (That’s what they’re callin’ it these days – computer music). My suite mate Jon arrived and he’s just the worst and he got this radical new haircut and it is so great to see him because I missed him. My room was all unpacked and the posters were hung on the sheetrock with care in hopes that some Christmas lights soon would be there. I hung the lights, which was such a struggle, and then plugged them in, hung up my curtains, and there we go. We have a dorm room.




I think at this point I showered because I was sweaty and tired, but that might be too much information. Then I went to d-hall which was closed so I didn’t get to nom on some dinner.


Then I met up with various friends in various locations and it was fun to see them and hug them because it’s nice to have friends.


I went to bed around midnight because I had to get up this morning around 7:00am by which I mean 7:40am. I woke up, showered, snarfed down some breakfast and began to cry. I dried my tears of joy that I’m back and headed to Zankel Music Center for Leadership Training. I’m the club president of AiDSBenefit, so that’s why I’m here early. Leadership Training was basically a few speeches and breakout sessions and tomorrow there are some SGA meetings for club presidents and such. It ease eye-opening and fascinating.


Then after that I had an on-campus job interview which went rather well and then I met with my #blogboss Daniella to fill her in on my exciting summer! And now I’m here in my room crying again. Jon is taking a nap, I might shower and go get dinner. But I also might not.


Pics of my room to come.


Measure in Love,



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