Chicken Fingers

Hi friends,


This is the first Friday of my year on campus and I am so happy.


At work this summer, they had REALLY great chicken tenders. Like, I could comfortably live off of them and never get tired. Sort of like that girl in England who only ate cheesy potatoes for her diet, just less cheesy.


However. I am back at Skidmore now. Where they have even better chicken fingers. And today is chicken finger Friday, which is a national holiday in my book. A weekly national holiday. Yes.


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet some of the pre-or freshman who are on campus now, which really hammers home that I’m now a sophomore and automatically cool.


Today, I’m taking a day for myself and totally relaxing. It’s 10am now and I’ll probably shower very soon, then go get some chicken tenders, and go for a run, maybe not in that order. After that I’ll shower again or something and then go read and just chill out and see all of my friends who I missed so very much.


OH! LAST NIGHT! Last night was An Evening With The Dean, a program that was a part of leadership training. The titular Dean is Rochelle Calhoun, Dean of Student Affairs. I love her so much and really want to make friends with her. She’s probably my favorite administrator on campus. So she gave a little spiel about what’s going on on campus this year, what initiatives are being taken and stuff. Then she took questions. She’s just so real, she told it totally like it is. I like how honest she is. She’s great. I also saw my friend Jon, who’s a soccer player, briefly, which was exciting because I haven’t seen him all summer. I also saw my friend Janet, who I hadn’t seen either.




Measure in Love,



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