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Hi friends,


And a hearty and hardy good morning to you all.


My body is in a massive amount of pain from yesterday’s tubing adventure/death-risk. But I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive as my favorite light-themed band, Electric Light Orchestra, sings in their hit song “I’m Alive.” My calves are sore, I can barely feel my arms, and I have canvas burn on both arms, but I’m happy.


Today is Sunday.


The first-years who didn’t do pre-or are all moving in today and the noise of move-in was quite loud, so I was awoken early, which annoyed me. I was a little abrasive to my suite mate George and his family because I am not a good person to interact with in the morning. I was half-asleep and being grilled by his family as I walked to use the bathroom. But now I’m more awake and I actually met him and the clan and so they’re nice and I’m nice and such.


I showered, got breakfast and am now on a break from making my move-in rounds, which means I just wander and spread all my lovin’ around. I am in no way involved with today, no Admissions, no FYE work, no nothing. I’m just being real, being me, being exactly where I’m supposed to be. I hate Demi Lovato’s music.


Tonight I think I’ll probably go back downtown for more Final Stretch fun. Last night was a blast, made friends with some theater first-years and laughed a lot and ate too much gelato and I regret that decision now but not really because Italian sweets are my jam and jelly and preservative.


I would like to think that, through my work on the Facebook group for the 2016ers, I’ve made a positive influence on their transition to the Thoroughbred Way of Life, as they say, and when I say they I mean as I say. And hopefully I can help them even further in their adventures through college!




Let me go, I’ve got to go see a friend!


Measure in Love,



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