Despite my Bitter Coffee, I’m Perkily Awake.

Hi friends,


Happy Thursday. THIRSTY THURSDAY AMIRITE jk no lol not a thing ever.


Let me start off today by briefly mentioning the new coffee situation on campus. It’s amazing. Green Mountain is no more, talk about ding dong the witch is dead open your eyes and get out of bed because now we actually have great coffee that will wake you up. Green Mountain was the old coffee company, and no good. No good no good no good. Now it’s gone. And Sun Roast or something like that, Sun Roast Coffee has come in. I will now give you a pros and cons list of Sun Roast.



1. It’s tastier and better and actually tastes like coffee and mot water with dirt in it.

2. Caffeine to fuel my addiction.

3. Still tastes like coffee with milk and sugar in it, not like milk with dirty water mixed in.



There is one con. Green Mountain accurately labeled their flavors. If you pumped Raspberry Chocolate Truffle flavored coffee out of the thing in Burgess, you actually knew what flavor to expect. Now, there are flavors, but they make no sense. There’s the standard french vanilla and hazelnut blends and pumpkin spice. But then. Look at the coffee pumps next to them. When you hear the phrase Ocean Sunset, what coffee flavor comes to mind? When I think of that, I think my coffee will be flavored like the corpse of an endangered sea turtle mixed with the sun. The flavor labels are so vague. And I just have a lot of feels on this. So many feels.


Regarding the title of this post, my first cup of coffee, which I’ll discuss below, was very bitter because I forgot to put sugar in it and I realized halfway to class.


Last night was the theater meeting, which was real swell. Tonight begins the cray cray audition process. YAY.


This morning I had class with my fave prof, Beck Krefting, and it was great. I spilled so much coffee on the floor though. I got up with great speed early in class and knocked my iced coffee errywhere. ERRYWHERE. So that was sad.


This afternoon I have Theater and Culture 1, which is supposed to be fab and a half. I can’t wait. I also found a poster on campus that I liked, so I took it down and posted it in my room. Nice.


Measure in Love,




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