Hi friends,


How are you? I am swell, as usual.


I’ll start off by filling y’all in on the last two nights of my life. They were fun and giddy and dance-filled and exhausting. Parties? No. Theater auditions. As a director in the theater department this semester, I had to sit in on general auditions so I can cast my play, which is being produced as a workshop. 96 people later, all of the directors in the room were giddy and sleepy. But we had an awesome time watching. It was a ton of fun. The best comment one of the directors made over both nights was about a person who had one syllable each for his first and last name. “Name name, this guy might have the shortest name of anyone we auditioned.” We all started cracking up. The delirium must have been what made it so funny. I guess this is just one of those you-had-to-be-there things.


After auditions ended, I went to Spa and saw a comedian perform. I met my freshman friend Matt and he’s swell. After that, we walked around with our friend Alyssa until callbacks lists for the mainstage and black box productions were posted. It doesn’t matter for me, really, until Sunday night, when my callback list gets posted. I just wanted to see if any of my besties got called back. Some of them did, some of them didn’t.


Anyways, then I went to bed and by my bed I mean my window seat because my bed is too hot so I’ve been sleeping in my window seat which is much more comfortable than people expect. And by people I mean me, more comfortable than I expected.


So this morning I woke up, got ready for the day, ate some food and headed downtown with my best friends and clique, we call ourselves the Waxing Crescents, it’s weird, we’re weird, #CTM. We’re in Uncommon Grounds now, me, Abby, Lily, and Sophie. They always complain that I never write about them, which is blatantly untrue, I just have written about Abby once because she came to visit me while I was unpacking and they felt like I was giving her preferential treatment. If they really had a problem with it, they would have reported a bias incident. Just kidding, bias incidents are serious shiz. Seriously.


Lily is my red-headed leprechaun, she’s Irish or something. She’s great.

Abby is my favorite townie. She’s from Saratoga and used to be a jockey down at the track.

Sophie is one of the funniest people I know. Everything she says makes me laugh.


On that note, they’re all the funniest people I know, all we do is laugh. And cry sometimes, if we’re watching a particularly sad movie. Like The Help. You is kind, you is smart, you is important.


Uncommon Grounds is my favorite place in town. And by favorite place, I mean favorite place where you can get coffee and buffalo chicken soup at the same establishment. The coffee is so great and the atmosphere is even better. Think leather couches and Michelle Branch on the iHome. I mean, I guess that can also bring to mind the home of a businesswoman in her midthirties. But just go with me on this! Ugh. It’s nice, and we’re all her doing our homework and stuff. Abby’s reading a book, Lily’s reading a book, I’m writing this post and then working on my playwriting assignment and Sophie is texting.


Tonight the four of us are going to a show at Falstaff’s, this awesome band called Oberhofer is playing and it’s going to be so mellow and nice and fun and dance-filled. Like auditions but more carefree.


Measure in Love,




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