Hi friends,


Welcome to Monday morning also known as Sunday night to some.


I have to go to bed soon, but I’ll be as quick as possible.


Tonight, as you know, was Florence + the Machine.


It was perfect.


I cried, I fell to the floor, I danced. All the standards of a weekend in the life of Kevin Berry.


But different because I was just so so involved with the music. I will not have a voice in the morning. For sure I will be voiceless and sleepy and tired.


At around 6:50, Abby, Sophie, Lily, Liz, and I all piled into Abby’s automobile and headed south, 3.4 miles south to be exact, where we pulled into a parking lot, walked over a series of suspension and foot bridges and ended up in the garden outside of the SPAC pavilion. The openers, the Maccabees had already started. I love them. We went to our seats, and Sophie and I were separate from the rest of the group, and we put our jackets down and ran to the bathroom and concession stand and merch tent. I love merch. If I could just buy merch for my job I would. I got a poster and a wristband and a sexy black t-shirt with shiny gold lettering. It’s fabuloso. Ay que fabuloso. I believe in dreaming, shooting for the stars, baby to be number one you have to raise the bar. Ugh, HSM memories. And then we went back to our seats where we anxiously awaited the arrival of the Number One Redhead of South London also known as Goddess of South London also known as me also known as Florence Welch.


At around 8:50, her band came on, the pavilion lights went down, and the ethereality began. She simply walked onstage. I was crying. She opened with Only If For A Night and proceeded to rock my world for the next hour and a half playing all of my favorites but messing with my head as she expanded nearly every song to have a dance break where she’d move her body around the stage doing what her soul told her to. She ended with the classic Dog Days Are Over.


There were moments where I felt myself so lifted by the power of her music and dedicated performance and crazy lady singing voice that I think I left my body and was just floating there. I believe that is what we call an out of body experience and by we I mean me and various Christian digests you can find at the checkout line of your local grocer. So it was just nuts.


She just rocked. I always talk about the 3 best concerts of my life, there was Lady Gaga both times, Robyn, Jimmy Buffett, and now this. That’s 5 very different concerts. Well. 3 really, Lady Gaga put on a complete and total show where I was sobbing, Robyn just came out and had a little bit of spectacle but was mostly just her singing and dancing badly, Jimmy Buffett I was the youngest whippersnapper there and I shook Jimmy Buffett’s hand and told him I love him and he said “I’m so glad to see a young fan,” and Flo. She came out and did her thing, she thrashed around the stage, but she didn’t fly, there was no magical set change. This is not meant as a critique of the Monster Ball or the Born This Way Ball, it’s just saying how beautiful simple performance can be.


It was so pure. I am changed by it.

I died tonight and woke up and had become a red-headed South London Goddess. I am Florence. I am the Machine. I am Florence + the Machine.


Measure in Love and Shake It Out,



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