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It’s Tuesday afternoon and I think I’m suffering from a serious case of the Mondays. I just feel tired. Whomp. Tuesday should just be called Monday, Part 2. But Wednesday should still be called Wednesday. And Thursday, Friday Part 1. Friday should be called Friday Part 2, Saturday – Friday Part 3 but Saturday should also be called Sunday because everyone does work on Sunday. In fact, Sunday should just be called Monday’s Best Friend because they both serve the purpose of making you tired as you recover from the weekend. So I guess there should be 3 Mondays, one Wednesday, Two Fridays, and a Saturday.This all made more sense in my head. I swear.


Today two exciting things happened here at dear old Skidmore. It’s raining and I learned how to cook an egg.


I love the rain. I love it when you wake up and see the rain pouring from the heavens out your window. I love the clothing people wear when it rains, I love how comfortable people get wearing their sweats all day like it ain’t no thang. I mean, it’s totally a thang, but it’s not. You know? Like 3 Fridays are a thing, so are sweatpants. But I love the rain, so much.


I also learned how to cook an egg today, which is nice. I can’t cook. At all. So I asked my friend Marcella, who runs her own cooking blog, if she could teach me. And she did! Egg was tasty.


Okay, I have all of the work to do for directing tomorrow, so I’m going to go.


Be safe.


Measure in Love,




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