Hi friends,


Happy Thursday and how are you? I’m as great as a fresh ball of mozzarella cheese served up warm in a restaurant on the Amalfi coast or maybe in Tuscany or Rome but definitely not in Milan.


I’m currently sitting in Spa, waiting for a meeting at 2:30 about using a space for an AIDSBenefit show I’ll be doing later this semester. So that’s exciting, I think. That’s in twelve minutes. So let’s bang out this post!


Campus is particularly nice at this time of the year. It’s not quite summer and it’s not quite winter but it’s not quite autumn. I call it jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt season but not a sweater.


Today I had Humorous Discourse and Theater and Culture I. Classes start for me at 10 and end at 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I always consider texting my sister and being like haha guess what I have classes for four hours a day and you have classes for like 12. HAHA BRIDGET BERRY HAHA. Also, last night I downloaded a Nancy Drew computer game please tell me what a gamer I am. I will be holed up in my dorm this weekend solving a crime oh yeah.


Also, did you notice the other night in d-hall that we were promised sautéed green beans which are easily the second best thing d-hall ever serves and then found that they didn’t have the beans! UGH I was so upset. But they had the best thing today, black bean flat wraps. I like them, except there’s always too much spinach and onion in there. So I unwrap the wrap and remove the deviant veg and then rewrap the wrap to make it a black bean flat wrap again, only this time the wrap is customized. It’s basically like customizing a Lamborghini or some other swanky car to make it exactly what you want except this is a customization for your stomach and taste buds’ pleasure. Does that make sense I think it does.


There’s a person at the table next to mine on eHarmony right now. Awkz.


But actually, so awkward.


Tonight, I have to write. A lot. I need to write about twenty pages of dialogue to finish the new draft of my play and then write another small one page response paper for playwriting tomorrow. It’ll be stressful and hard, but a challenge I am very ready for. HERE WE GO.


I’m just really excited for life right now.


Measure in Love,




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