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Happy Monday, if that’s even possible.


Brief post today. Just wanted to discuss two things.


1. This morning, I got to work the open house for Admissions. Super fun. Got to meet a lot of new people. There were kids coming in to look for a Fall 2015 entrance date at Skidz. Which makes them, what? Freshmen in high school? That’s such a situation. I didn’t start visiting colleges until like Spring of my senior year. JK. But seriously. So, go you, all you go-getters, y’all are the best and probably get straight A’s. As for the the rest of you seniors, good for you as well for doing it the normal way, visiting in senior year. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH GETTING A HEAD START.


2. In directing today, one of the heads of the theater department comes into the studio and says, “Do you mind if I interrupt for a second, Mr. Ben Vereen would like to see the studio.” I gasped and had to sit down (we were on our feet doing directing exercises). So in walks Ben Vereen, one of my musical theater idols. He’s so fabulous, wearing a top hat, Converse, and a bright orange scarf and rocking the cane. He comes towards my side of the studio and I’m absolutely in awe because he’s a god of the Broadway and I make eye contact with him and he nods and I squeak, literally (as opposed to figuratively or metaphorically) squeak, “Hi.” And then he leaves the studio and I’m bugging out. After class, I head to d-hall. And who’s sitting twenty feet away from me but Mr. Vereen himself. I eventually nervously approach and talk to him and am terrified and just ramble on and on and on and he shook my hand and told me to stop shaking and I was like No, you’re Ben Vereen you’re a hero of mine and he’s like be quiet and this isn’t exactly how it went down but you get the picture and I almost just typed a curse but held back because I realize that would make me look very bad as a blogger and as a citizen of the world and as someone who was talking to Ben Vereen and I said it’s a huge honor to meet you Mr. Vereen and he asked me how directing class was today and when I told him how hard today’s work was, he laughed a lot and I giggled nervously because that’s what you do when you’re in the presence of someone you look up to more than Michelle Obama and Beyonce combined. Just a little random story to show you what’s what on campus and that Skidmore is so real. Real life.


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