Thursty Thirsday

Hi friends!


Happy Thursday! I’m sitting in d-hall and just finished a gigantic lunch (I didn’t eat breakfast, or have coffee, and hadn’t eaten since 5pm last night) so I’m stuffed, good gosh!


I have to read a play and write 26 pages of my new play today, what a challenge that will be, am I right ladies?


Also, it’s November, and you know what that means: It’s 26 days until I turn 20! It’s the month of Thanksgiving and Christmas commercialization and family arguments over cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole! It’s thrilling! But most importantly I turn 20. Oh Gosh. That means in 10 years I’ll be 30…I’m not ready to be a functioning adult yet. I still wear diapers.


It’s also No Shave November, the worst part about the month. No one shaves and grows grody beards. Ugh, am I right?


Today is Lily’s birthday, so say happy birthday to her if you see her!


Also, how about that Hurricane, am I right? Sandy! She ravaged Long Island and the rest of the northeast coast and managed to miss Saratoga, thank goodness for that. But I’ve not been able to reach my family on Long Island as regularly, but I know they’re all okay, since I’ve spoken to them!


Last night was Halloween but I had rehearsal, so I didn’t go out. But in spirit, I dressed like Jack from Titanic all day.


Measure in Love,



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