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Happy Sunday! I’m currently sitting in a little cove on the fourth floor of the library doing work with my friend Jon, also a sophomore. He’s working on linear algebra and stuff I was forced to give up to focus on the theatre – just kidding, I hate math – and I’m sitting here working on playwriting, sociology, and American Studies – humanities, am I right?


Anyways, today is Sunday, and my play opens this week. We’ve been working very hard on a very tough play (that I wrote, I might remind you) and the work they’ve done is something I’m very proud of. I hope people like the play. I sure do.


Yesterday I woke up at 2, went to rehearsal at 2:30 until 7, ate dinner, and went to the newest improv comedy group on campus’s debut show: Awkward Kids Debuting, presented by Awkward Kids Talking. It’s a bunch of theater people being funny, and so it was great. I went with Gab and Jon, my suitemate, not the mathematician. So funny, so awkward, so talking.


There’s another storm developing southeast of here, and we’re supposed to get snow this week. I can’t wait. I really want the snow to come. I need a change from the gray rainy weather. I’d prefer gray snowy weather any day over rainy. But I also like rain, so I don’t care. I also like the sun.


I have some work to do, so I’ll sign off here.


Measure in Love,



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