Hi friends,


Happy Sunday night! My parents were here Friday night into Saturday and I’ve had a great and really fun weekend.


Friday night, after my play, my sister Bridget, my friends Hallie, Lauren, Kathryn, Jon, and I went to see the Skidomedy show, which was fun, and after we all hung out all night, and then Saturday, we woke up and went to lunch with my parents and Jon. We ate at Druthers, a new pub type place in town. I had a burger that was, to put it simply, out of this world. Delicious and perfectly cooked.


Yesterday afternoon, after the family left, I cleaned up after my play, worked in the library, and headed downtown to grab myself a quick dinner at Putnam Market alone. After that, my friend Emily came over and helped me pick out an outfit for the Ad-Libs Show, the improv group on campus. That was fun.


Today I went to the library and did work for most of the day. Wink. But no winks because I actually got a ton done. I’m going to had to bed very soon, this was a pretty tiring weekend.


Peace and blessins.


Measure in Love,



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