Hi friends,


Happy Tuesday! I registered for classes this morning – I’m first on the waitlist for one of them, but I’m optimistic!




Next semester, I’ll be taking the following:


1. Feminist Theories and Methodologies: A look at the development of feminism over the history of ever.

2. Holding Up Half the Sky – Women of China: A look at the gender binary in China over the history of ever.

3. Intermediate Acting: The second course in the acting track in the theater department.

4. Intermediate Directing: A more advanced study of directing for the stage.

And hopefully, 5. Music and Sound: A physics class. I don’t know. It gets rid of my science and QR2 (quantitative reasoning, second level).


The past two days here at Skidaddles have been major warms, with sun and no clouds. And then last night happened.


Around midnight, I was sitting in my window seat reading before bed. And I hear a low pitter patter (my window was closed). I turn my head and look out the window and it’s raining harder than I’ve ever seen and the wind is howling. So what do I do? I obviously want to hear the wind and rain with greater clarity, so I opened my window. And immediately closed it after my left side became soaked nearly immediately. And then I went to bed and woke up and registered, a stress-filled experience filled with a crashed registration system, running up and down my hallway, and tears of anxiety. And soiled diapers.


I’m going to go now.


Measure in Love,




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