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It’s Thirsty Thursday and you know what that means! Got to drink some water! Hydration nation, McDonaldization! Sociology reference am I right, ladies?


Anyways, last night, I had the opportunity to see a dress rehearsal of the theater department mainstage production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This was my first time ever seeing or hearing the play, I’d never had to read it in school or anything and had never had the opportunity to see a production. Let me just say that the production was nothing short of jaw-dropping. I haven’t stopped smiling since the play ended at 10:45 last night. It’s just so beautiful. They totally converted the mainstage theater into an in-the-round space and it’s so freaking magical. I laughed a lot and at the end, I was crying at the beauty of the epilogue. There are a few moments that just took my breath away. I don’t know if the cast knows how special the piece of theatre they’ve created is. Because it is. The dress rehearsal made my Top 20 list of theatrical performances I’ve ever seen.


The Top 20 Best Theatre Performances I’ve Ever Seen In No Particular Order

All performances in New York unless otherwise noted.


1. Sleep No More

2. Venus in Fur

3. Passion Play (Skidmore)

4. Cock

5. As You Like It (Summer 2012)

6. The Merchant of Venice (Summer 2010)

7. Hair

8. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Skidmore)

9. Billy Elliot

10. Next to Normal

11. Follies

12. Anything Goes

13. Clybourne Park

14. Peter + the Starcatcher

15. The 39 Steps

16. Luther

17. Tribes

18. Miss Lilly Gets Boned

19. Wit.

20. Into the Woods


Anyway, Midsummer is really special and if you’re here this weekend or the weekend after Thanksgiving, we can go see it together, I’m seeing it two more times.


Also, this weekend is my last weekend at college as a teenager – Next weekend, when I’m home, doesn’t count. I turn 20 on the Monday we get back from Thanksgiving. So this weekend, since it’s my last weekend as a kid, I have to be mad reckless and mad angsty, gotta commit some crimes because when I turn 20 I’ll be a grown up. I’ll be in my third decade of life – help me I’ll be in my 20s. I’m scared. But not really but really I am. I won’t have an excuse to be angsty anymore so when a stranger sees me on the streets and asks me why I’m being so angsty, I’ll no longer be able to say “I’m a teenager” and have that pass as a good excuse for my angst. Maybe there’s a certain angst that comes along with being in your 20s.


I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.


Talk to you soon.


Measure in Love,




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