Posted on November 17th, 2012 by Kevin Berry.
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Hi friends!


Happy Saturday! I had a great Friday night, seeing A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the second time and going to a dance party at Falstaff’s, an on-campus dance club type thing place. This afternoon, I’m doing some laundry as I write this, my clothing spinning in a bath of suds and water. After I finish this post, I’ll read a play for my directing class, write about it for my final scene proposal, and then writing a bit for sociology, and then going to rehearsal for AIDSBenefit.


Then, and here comes the exciting part – I’m seeing Midsummer for a third time. Before that, however, I’m eating dinner with some special people: prospective students! Huzzah! I’m excited to meet them – last year at this same event, I was in the middle of a riveting conversation when I was called to the theater to help out and usher when someone had an emergency and couldn’t make it. This year though, I’m not an usher, I’m just a great audience member. If I do say so m’self.


Well, this was fun. I have work to do. I love you all like Mickey loves Minnie or Aibileen loves Minny and like Miss Hilly likes Minny’s special pie.


Measure in Love,



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