Hi friends!


Just a little Sunday night hello here!


How are you all? I’m very well, thank you for thinking of me, I love life.


Well, as I just said, it’s Sunday night and I’m sitting in my room like a sack after the following happened in the following order: I ate a gigantic dinner, I ran 2 miles on the treadmill, I feel like I’m going to die.


It’s okay though, these next two days I’m telling everyone I’m fasting, because let’s face it, I won’t be, but the thought that I am fasting will be a nice mindset to go with before boarding the Polar Express and by Polar Express I mean Amtrak Slow Train down to New York City and then the LIRR to Long Island for 5 days for Thanksgiving.


It’s fun to think that in just two days I’ll be back on Long Island, and then on Wednesday back in the city to see some neat theatre and then Thursday stuffing my face with stuffing and then Friday back in the city seeing more theatre and then Saturday back on Long Island celebrating my birthday with the family and then on Sunday spending my last day as a teenager on the train back to school and then on Monday I’ll be in my 2os. Like…what?


Last night, after seeing Midsummer, I went to my friend Emily’s room, where we laughed for a little bit, and then at around midnight I went back to my quarters here in Penfield. My friend Nora came to visit me, and while she was here, I, fully-dressed in jeans and a sweater, sleepily climbed into bed and got under my covers.Apparently I dozed off mid-conversation because when I awoke, it was 10:30am, my Christmas lights and lamps were still on, my window shade still up allowing the sunlight to come in, and I was still wearing a sweater and jeans. And my wall posters, desk, dresser, fridge, clothing, bookshelf, comforter, sheets, pillows and toiletries were gone. All that remained were my yoga mat and my fan, which was turned on to low, and its light breeze was teazing my nostrils. I awoke and realized this and became very upset. And then I woke up again and all my things were there and I realized inception is a real idea. Dreams within dreams, am I right? Okay, but actually, I fell asleep fully clothed and with all my lights on still, I guess that’s the point of this paragraph.That’s how sleepy I was.


I’m currently eating a lollipop and wondering if it’s filled with gum at the center. I guess I’ll go find out.


Measure in Love,



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