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Happy Tuesday and you guys are lucky because I was considering not using any punctuation, capital letters, or grammar in this post. I didn’t want to seem like I was making fun of illiterate people though. Gotta be sensitive to those who can’t read, in case they ever…read this.


Anyways, it’s Tuesday and yesterday was Monday and yesterday was also my birthday and I turned 20 which basically means in ten years I’ll be 30 and in sixty years I’ll be dead. Sorry to whomp out here, but I like cheeseburgers and I won’t live to be the oldest man in the world. Isn’t the Pope the oldest man in the world? He’s a good guy, he sort of looks like one of the Star Wars characters though, is that offensive? It’s just a connection I draw occasionally.


So my birthday was fun. At midnight (Sunday night) I opened some cards and my suitemate slash best man at my future gay wedding Jon came in and picked out Happy Birthday on his guitar and then hugged me and I read a play and went to bed. Then when I woke up, I went to directing class, got some cool news, and then went to an AWESOME sociology class about the electronic information revolution.


Then, my Pa, on Long Island, called to tell me that he’d ordered me pizza and soda for me and my friends, so I got some peeps together and we had a small party and my bestie Emily suggested that my friends go around in a circle and tell me one thing they like/love about me, and they all went around and it was nice. Then it was Emily’s turn, and she told a story that went something like this:


“Kevin, about a year and a half ago, in pre-or, we were all walking downtown. I went up to you because I wanted to befriend you and I said ‘Hey, we should get to know each other’ or something along those lines and you looked at me, rolled your eyes and said ‘Probably not.’ I hated you for a while after that and now I never laugh as hard as I do when I’m with you. Love you, pal.”


She didn’t actually call me Pal. When she told me that story, I died of laughter.


And then after that, I went to Case Center, picked up some ice cream, and then Gab came and picked me up, we drove to her house, where she and I watched A Christmas Story, since she’d never seen it. Then I came home and went to bed.


That was my birthday and it was good.


Measure in Love,



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