Finals Weeks

Hi friends!


Notice the exclamation point!


I write to you from the Kevin Cave, aka my room in Penfield, where I sit here listening to Christmas music while taking a break from Sociology studying. Calling it the Kevin Cave makes it sound so masculine.


Sorry for writing so infrequently this past week or so. I’ve been bogged down with work and this seemed like a good time to take a break and fill you all in.


Today’s Itinerary for Discussion

1. Finals

2. End of Semester

3. Working Out

4. Break Approaches





Okay friends. Let’s discuss finals. Most of my friends have tons of papers and exams to prepare for, so they’ve been in the library constantly for the past three weeks. Meanwhile, I, the theater major, have not been. My play draft was due two weeks ago, so that gets rid of that. My directing final project was presented very successfully last week, so that gets rid of that. My Theatre and Culture I paper was a very simple assignment, so that gets rid of that.


Yesterday I woke up nice and early at 10:30 and dressed and headed to d-hall, where I met my American Studies final project partner, Lisa. We sat in a booth in d-hall from 11am until 4:30pm editing our video. We had to make a vodcast on a topic related to comedy, since the class is a look at American history relating to comedy forms. Anyway, we chose to do musical comedy, like the Broadway musical comedy. We shot it on Saturday and edited it on Sunday. It’s really funny. We’re so proud of it.


Today I’m studying for my Sociology final on Wednesday. I’m not too nervous for the exam. Yet. I might get nervous closer to it, but that’s what happens sometimes. I’m a bit of a nervous test taker. We’ll rock it though. And by we I mean me.



End of Semester


This hasn’t been my favorite semester, to be honest. It’s probably just that sophomore slump people sometimes like to talk about. I don’t know. Something’s felt off this whole semester. I did pretty well academically, but personally, something’s felt off. Maybe all of the juniors in the theatre department being abroad or something. I don’t know.


I learned a lot about myself as a theatre artist this semester, so that’s good. I’m really looking forward to break.



Working Out


I’ve started working out again, so that’s good. I got too busy in the middle of the semester and lost the time to workout regularly. And so I gained my sophomore 7. But this end of the semester, I’ve had the time again. And I feel great. Gotta get dat body of mine ready for da beach over Spring Break 2013! California! 80 days!



Break Approaches


I’m so excited. That’s all I can say. I’m excited to catch up on my stories, read a lot, see some great theatre, and sleep and work out and eat healthy food.


I leave on Wednesday, right after my final. I’m taking Amtrak, which is my favorite, as y’all know.


I’ll post again on Amtrak on Wednesday!



Measure in Love,









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